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Elza the Elephant

Elza the Elephant - Interactive Play & Learn Musical Stuffed Animal - Sing-along Plush - Floppy Animated Peekaboo Ears - Baby Gift - Milestone Present - Pillow Pet - STEM Educational Toy

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Top reviews from the USA

Eleanor Barnett

San Francisco, California, USA-10/14/2020

Keeps my baby girl entertained

You will not believe what this elephant does! She flips her ears, sings, and plays peak a boo. An amazing gift for any 3 month old baby. She’s also so soft. I’m glad cause it keeps my kids entertained while I’m working. This elephant plush is comfortable and safe enough for your baby to sleep with.

Janell Rutherford

New York, New York, USA-10/13/2020

Improved my daughter's social skills

I purchased this for my granddaughter. I found out later that this is the only toy my daughter feels safe leaving in the crib with my granddaughter while she sleeps. Warm fuzzies. The music from Elza is really amazing and I can tell it’s improving my babies hearing.

Geraldine E

Houston, Texas, USA-10/12/2020

Perfect Gift

My grandson LOVES this elephant . It’s budget friendly and worth every dollar when I see how it intrigue and delight my baby. I have given several to other new babies, and every single parent raves about Elza. I also love that the elephant is built strong and has survived even after countless bites from my baby boy. Elza is super safe and has no chokable parts.

Marjorie J Barggett

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/11/2020

My daughter loves playing peek a boo with Elza

I got Elza because of the brand's reputation for quality and because the other less expensive peek a boo elephants just weren’t as cute. I bought this for my granddaughter's first birthday. She loves playing peek a boo and plays with the elephant. It was very cute to see.

Hazel R. Bock

Chicago, Illinois, USA-9/9/2020

Elza keeps my baby in good company

My mother in law gifted us this toy before my daughter was born and my spouse and I thought it was so annoying. However, my kid absolutely loooooves her elephant, and she always has. From newborn to now 10 months, she LOVES it. If I need to distract her so I can get something done, I grab ELZA. When we had to rush her to the ER, THIS was the one toy we grabbed to keep her calm (I forgot her diaper bag but we had the elephant!). Now that annoying, creepy, singing elephant is a part of our family and I gift it to others as well! JUST BUY IT.

Cathy Portwood

Los Angeles, California, USA-9/8/2020

Increased the bond I have with my son

My son loves this! He just loves to try and grab it while playing games and singing to him. But this little elephant is the cutest little thing ever! I noticed that playing with Elza together has helped create a bond with my baby boy. It has also helped my son to understand object permanence.

Melinda Segal

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-9/7/2020

Makes my baby laugh and dance

My baby’s reaction to this toy was priceless! She laughed and cooed and danced (she hadn’t danced on her own up until this point). It was very sweet, and she still loves it. I have no worries when she is alone with Elza, the elephant doesn’t have chokable parts. I highly recommend this toy for babies.

Nicole Russell

San Antonio, Texas, USA-9/26/2020

This elephant is built really strong

My infant son really loves it and focuses on her when she is singing or playing peek-a-boo. We actually ordered a second one to give to my sister-in-law who is pregnant. Great gift. Great toy. The elephant it’s built really strong and it feels like a premium toy.

Lisa W Wolfe

San Diego, California, USA-9/5/2020

Help introduce my goddaughter to music

This cute little elephant is surprisingly soft and my Goddaughter seems to think so since she loves cuddling with it. Her first impression was amazement because of how the elephant flaps its ears and sings. If you have a child that loves music, this may be a great toy to purchase. My Goddaughter claps along and even dances a little with the elephant. Truly a good investment.

Brandi Moore

Boston, Massachusetts, USA-9/4/2020

Super soft and comfortable to play with it

LOOOOOOVE THIS. Definitely worth the money. It’s super soft and very cute and I love how it comes ready to use without putting your own batteries in it at first. I love how soft this is and you can’t hear the inside parts either which is nice. Great sound quality. I will be buying another one that’s for sure

Lupe Tyson

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA-9/4/2020

Strong enough to withstand teething stage bites

My daughter adores this stuffed animal. She loves both the peek-a-boo and song that it sings. She likes to grab it's ears while they're flapping and chew on them. Even after constant bites and chewing from my daughter Elza still look good as new. This stuffed animal is so cute and entertaining!

Jennifer Simmons

Portland, Oregon, USA-10/3/2020

Greatly improves social interaction skills

She LOVED him. Gave him kisses. Carried him around by his ears... so cute! So we bought one for the twins. NOW, they love him too! I love how they react to peek a boo , it’s a joy to watch. The best part is that Elza has had a positive effect on their social interaction skills. We highly recommend this little guy.

Diane Silfer

Denver, Colorado, USA-10/2/2020

Peek a boo teaches her object permanence

My granddaughter has carried it around and tossed it around, and it still works perfectly. It plays plays Peek-a-Boo with its large ears! Just too cute! This cutie increased the bond I have with my granddaughter. Loved it so much I bought one for my friend's grandchild too. I highly recommend this stuffed Elephant.

Loretta Prieto

Seattle, Washington, USA-10/1/2020

Allows your baby feel safe and comfortable

We bought this for the 1st birthday of our daughter and it became one of her favorite toys! At first she seems to be a little bit nervous about the moving ears, then she enjoys pushing the button and holds the elephant in her hands for a long time. It’s just so lovable to see her hugs and kisses and smiles. It is worth the money

Rosa Callaham

Dallas, Texas, USA-10/10/2020

The floppy ear animations improved my daughters eyesight

This is such a cute toy and idea. The elephant is super soft and the toy itself is very versatile- option to play peek-a-boo or sing along to a song. My little one enjoys watching it in action and the floppy ear animations are great! Was definitely impressed with this toy and would definitely recommend it for your little one or to give as a gift.

Leola Brooks

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA-10/11/2020

Perfect gift for baby showers

I got this ADORABLE Singing Elephant for my Great Granddaughter. As far as I can tell, she loves it! I know I do! It is adorable! It makes a perfect gift for the little one in your life! Soft fur, childlike voice, gets the little ones attention with the voice and flipping ears! Just too darn cute!!! Elza elephant is a must have for your little ones.

Colleen R Moore

Detroit, Michigan, USA-10/12/2020

This Elephant is a joy to watch with kids

So glad I decided on buying the ELZA The Elephant Stuffed Animal Plush. Nothing compares to the absolute quality of this product. I promise you will not be disappointed. What turned out to be an added bonus was, being completely surprised to receive it the day after placing my order. Do it, just do it.

Jane Mayo

San Francisco, California, USA-10/13/2020

Sings in a clear voice

Bought this as a shower gift for my grandson! Elza is an absolutely darling - sings in a clear voice and flips her ears when she sings - and the songs are original and fit her perfectly. You can't help but smile when you listen to her and watch her move! When he is a little older and develops his eyes, he will love watching her and hearing her sing!

Sarah McCormack

New York, New York, USA-10/14/2020

Introduces your baby to music

This elephant is amazing. I gave it to my 4 month old for Easter and every week he enjoys it more and more. The volume is just right and the songs and games are adorable. The voice is a cute soft and sweet voice for a baby. My baby is active now, he plays and sings along with Elza I will be getting this for friends in the future because I just cant get enough of it!

Bryanna Jackson

Houston, Texas, USA-10/15/2020

Great quality at an affordable price

Our one year old grandson adores his animated, oh so cute Elephant and gets very excited when the cuddly Elephant sings and moves his big floppy ears up and down. The mechanisms for the ears and the audio have continued to work perfectly despite being handled every which way. This stuffed animal is one of the very best I have ever seen and I've seen a lot in my time.

Allison A Nagle

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/16/2020

100% safe for babies

The ears actually flop and play peek-a-boo to the delight of our little one. He was captivated and snuggled with him after playing. When we got baby food on his body, it wiped clean with ease. Don’t ask me how it happened :) This is the same plush animal sold at larger retail stores for double the price. But Elza is a step ahead and keeps my baby company all the time

Tricia Westover

Chicago, Illinois, USA-10/17/2020

Great battery life

We absolutely love Elza. Elza has kept our child entertained since he was 3 weeks old. I love his singing voice and he is easy to clean. All you need is to wipe him down with a wet one or a damp rag. Has a good battery life too.

Lynne W Moran

Los Angeles, California, USA-10/18/2020

This a premium toy and it’s built strong

When my baby was about 3 months old, I introduced this to her and she was scared of it. We put it away and brought it back out when she was 6 months old and now she loves it! Gets mad when it stops singing. Loves chewing on its ears, feet, tail. It's very soft, has good sound, and is cute.

Elizabeth R Grasser

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-10/19/2020

This has an easy appeal with parents. I love it

We bought this for a newborn gift. I love it and I know the baby will too when he gets a bit older! It's soft, the music is sweet, and the Peek-a-boo ears are adorable.

Dolores L Ponton

San Antonio, Texas, USA-10/20/2020

They are soft, cuddly and entertaining

This has got to be the cutest and most entertaining baby stuffed animal ever..and it sings and plays with any baby. I bought 2 after seeing how cute the first one was! This gift will make the young and old smile and it is soooo cute! It's ears open and close (peek-a-boo) and wiggle "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro..." This one is a home-run! So glad I purchased it! VERY, VERY CUTE!!!!!

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